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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 16, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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word of the day, do not cavil. thanks for watching us tonight. please remember the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. the whole trial, he's evil, he's bad, he's a hunter, he's a vigilan vigilante. he's a murdererer. >> last friday, as the nation awaited the verdict in the george zimmerman murder trial. >> when he made that statement, those people, who was he talking about? >> black/white. >> it's the evidence of the case, and that's it. >> he wasn't sure what color. he never mentioned -- our live studio aid yens clashes over one of the most controversial legal cases in history. >> you give them the top -- >> excuse me. >> this is not a game. this is -- no, no, no, you don't
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does x that, that's what the judge -- it's wrong. >> and tonight, now that that verdict has been handed down. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. our live audience is back for round two. hannity starts right here, right now. as you just things got very heated friday night, right here in this very studio with our audience of legal law enforcement and political experts, who waited for the verdict in the zimmerman murder trial. little did we know the defendant would be found not guilty just 24 hours after our passionate meeting. now, since that time, we have watched as americans have reacted to that controversial conclusion. some have applauded the result, others have called for violence and vowed to continue to prosecute the man who six jurors declared innocent of all charges. that brings us to tonight, where members of last week's audience will be here in studio to react to george zimmerman's acquittal. welcome all of you, how are you?
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>> how many of you predicted what happened accurately? how many got it wrong? peter johnson, you said hung. but you said you thought it should be acquittal. >> i thought it should be acquittal. based on the emotionalism and some of the racial politics that we're seeing this week, in the wake of the verdict, that it could be a hung jury, yes. absolutely. >> that's the way it was -- we tried people in public opinion or should it be on the evidence that's presented? that's exactly what's happening now, when you have an attorney general in the united states of america, interview people today on a phone conversation, sean. talking about evidence we can get. anything you have negative about zimmerman, bring it forward, that's phony. >> how many disagree with the idea that eric holder, justice department, should look for civil rights violations, show of hands?
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how many think he should go? one, two, three? why? >> well, because he, george zimmerman had a pattern in practice of being afraid of black men. all of his calls were about black men -- >> no -- >> whoa! all of his calls to the police were about -- excuse me. >> hold on, we need to get a mic over here. can you give any evidence from the case, any evidence at all that george zimmerman had any racial entipathy against trayvon martin. >> no. but you asked about the justice department looking into information -- they will not find -- i'm speaking legally here. >> does this fit the profile of a person with racial animouse.
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he took a black woman to the prom. he continued mentoring black children, brought minority children into his home and stood up for a black homeless man against the sanford police, does that fit the profile of a man that's racist? >> it may or may not. the point is -- >> no, it doesn't. >> it's not the job of all of us to do that, it's the justice department's job -- >> did we see any testimony from any witnesses? remember, the prosecution went out and interviewed tons of people. he made a racist comment once. he acted in a racist way. >> mercedes right over here. >> the defense interviewed and wanted to see if there was any racial animus. there was no evidence of bias. that's why -- >> investigated by the fbi, and there was no bias in this case, so why do we have to make it up now.
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>> people are upset, there's passions out there, he's responding, he's responding to the naacp, he wants to make a statement, there's no evidence there. >> i agree, and i think our federal government meets an investigation. >> we've already had the investigation. what -- hang on, 47 people they interviewed, nobody found -- the fbi did not find any racial animus. at this point does it not become a witch hunt? >> no, because there's a further investigation. they're not going to say, we concluded this investigation, look at what this case has done for our country. it's divided our races unnecessarily. >> they're not going to find anything. >> you are a prosecutor who opened his case by saying, this is not a case of racism, this is after their full investigation by the state, by the local police and the fbi. how do you now then turn around and say, this is a justice
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department case? it's okay for the justice department to open the case, i don't think the justice department case should go anywhere. >> i'll add one piece to that. the trayvon martin family said this case is not about race. so why then go after him after a 16-month investigation already by eric holder? >> i think people have to understand there is a difference between racism and racial bias. it may not be a case of racism, but racial bias, because of how we are trained, our visual culture, it is a part of our human nature. i am biassed, you are biassed, she is biassed, everyone in this room is biassed, and george zimmerman, racially profiled him. you can racially profile someone and not be a racist. this country has come a long way in terms of racism, but we have not addressed our implicit -- >> i am not biassed. what about black on black crime, how about the kids being killed
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in our innercities. where is everybody -- why don't you get your civil rights people with the black on black. what about the black on black. >> hold on, hold on. >> hang on. let me slow down. hang on a second. there is a bigger question here, i think you both touched on something. how many children in chicago, black children have died -- >> and where is everybody -- >> just since the verdict? will we ever know their name? >> and where's sharpton? >> this is the problem. the media -- certain aspects of the media have created him to be a racist. he didn't say i see a black man, he responded to the 911 operator who said, white, black or hispanic. he didn't define. >> the media wanted this to be -- >> that's the problem here. >> judge alex. they wanted this from the
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beginning, didn't they, to be white on black? george zimmerman became a white hispanic, a self-proclaimed hispanic. >> i thought i was white, and everyone's correcting me i'm hispanic. i really don't -- i know i'm a mutt, i just don't know what mutt i am. as far as the race issue, i have no problem with them looking at this as a potential race problem at the beginning. it would be ignorant for us to say older white males shoots a young unarmed black teen, it can't be racism. of course it could be. but once they investigated, the fbi issued a 12-page report saying, we've interviewed 30 something witnesses this is not a racial issue. i don't know how under the statutes they have, 1983 won't apply, the feds can't use that, because he wasn't acting under color of law. the hate crime law requires that the killing be motivated by race or color. not only do they not have that, they have the exact opposite as
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far as evidence. how do they get around the fact that when the black panthers were deterring people from voting, they didn't pursue that. >> okay. let's go to de mean. >> we were at the naacp convention. >> tom is your husband next to you? >> yes. we were there the last couple days. most of the speakers there were really whipping up racial tension. they mentioned trayvon martin, the demand for an investigation. when you inject race into any conversation, it's an emotional issue. they are ignoring the facts that we have a decision, we have a ruling, it's been laid down. they're still trying to drag out this incident. and you also have al sharpton who was calling for these marches and riots across the country. what is that going to do for our society? absolutely nothing. >> it's dividing us. >> we have to break, we'll get to you in a second.
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where is the president of the united states when his country could use him. we'll answer that question, we have a great panel here. more with our studio audience coming up later this hour. first, a well known ivy league professor calls america's god a white racist in response to america's acquittal. leo terrell, juan williams are here live. much more as the special edition of hannity continues. weekdays are for rising to the challenge.
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welcome back to this live audio -- studio audience edition of hannity. we are three days removed from the verdict. irresponsible rhetoric continues to stream. god ain't good all the time. in fact sometimes good is not for us. as a black woman in a nation -- i know this american god ain't my god. as a matter of fact i think he's a white racist god with a problem. two men who disagree about the outcome of this case, isjuan williams. all the activists, they were able to get a special prosecutor.
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they got a -- they bypassed the grand jrks they got a case, a judge. all the evidence presented in an acquittal happened. why doesn't it just end here? >> because i think the verdict, sean, really lacks a sense of wisdom or compassion for the fact of a dead child and the suffering that the parents and that community have gone through. >> you don't like the verdict? >> i like it, i respect it. i think they -- technically, i don't think the prosecutors proved they met the bar for a second degree murder. technically what the ladies on the jury did was to say they didn't satisfy the charge, and, therefore, zimmerman is not guilty. i think that's someone who is operating on a very technical limited level without a sense of, my god, there's a dead 17-year-old laying on the ground here, and he want the one who brought the gun -- >> i don't want to get into a big battle over this, i want to see the president, the attorney general, maybe bring the country together.
6:16 pm
that 17-year-old kid broke a guy's nose, got on him, strat elled him, mma style, and also, it was not put into evidence, he was involved in fighting. his text messages -- >> wait a second, i believe zimmerman is the one who had martial arts training. >> trayvon had it on his phone. >> i know zimmerman had been training in this way. he had a gun, he was the one who initiated this confrontation by following this young man, even after he was told not to -- and then got out of the car. but all that is aside -- >> you forgot the main point here. where is he now, the 911 operator said? so george zimmerman went to look. and when he said, i don't need you to do that, he was walking back to his car. let me go to leo. where do you stand on this? >> let me be very clear, shame
6:17 pm
on you, juan. there was not a race case here at all, and the jury got it right, this is the wrong case for people like juan. i don't want to mention those other stations, msnbc, cnn to use this as a racial division in this country. it's outrageous. that jury was correct. i don't want to mention any names, like melissa harris-teeter i'm holding my black children tighter tonight. that woman who said god is a racist, it's embarrassing for me as an african-american to hear juan williams, msnbc, cnn talk about this case as a race case. fortunately or not, this case was decided correctly, and juan, you're trying to skirt the issue. the facts were decided correctly on this case, and don't try to say that this case was wrong and
6:18 pm
don't say it's a race case unless you're trying to hustle people to make money. i'm sick of this. >> i think that's so far off i don't know where to start. i think the verdict lacks any show of compassion or understanding for the fact -- >> you don't do that -- you don't show compassion in a criminal courtroom. >> i have to say, you know, the reason that we have juries. the reason we talk about having community people come in to be the final ashers. is because -- >> he doesn't know what he's talking about. >> it's not simply about the technical aspect -- >> in a courtroom of law, that's what it's all about, sean. that's what it's all about, juan. >> let me just say -- hang on, leo, hang on. i was -- >> you are embarrassing yourself. >> leo, i was someone who thought the o.j. simpson verdict was -- >> don't bring up o.j. here, this is about trayvon martin and george zimmerman.
6:19 pm
why are you bringing up o.j. >> i think that was a jury that made a mistake, leo. >> that's not the issue here, juan. all you're doing is trying to bring in a case that does not have any relationship like the trayvon martin. >> no, i'm just saying to you, i'm saying to you -- >> melissa harris-perry. >> let me jump in for a second, i think what leo is saying, and i'm a little shocked here, leo. i don't think we've agreed a lot. >> no, it's the and it may be the last time. >> a justifiable use of force law, the one eyewitness, ground and pound and the injuries consistent with that, that is overwhelming, incontrovertible evidence based on the law, there was no other choice for this jury. you say they needs to show compassion. that's not the forum for this, they were ordered. they were given specific instructions, juan. >> they're here -- >> here's the question, and i
6:20 pm
think the prosecution said, did not reach the bar that said this is evidence of a second degree murder conviction. i don't think they did it. what i do think, sean is that if you take into account the fact that this man was stalking the young man, and the fact that he was the one -- >> no, he wasn't. he wasn't stalking. >> that's not even in dispute. >> yes, it is. >> yes, it is. >> yes, it is. >> he's the one who gets out of the car, i think on all these, if the jury stopped and said, wait a second. >> all juan is demonstrating today, he does not know what he's talking about, as far as what's the purpose of a criminal justice system is all about. here's the bottom line, george zimmerman was found not guilty, and the evidence did not prove second degree murder and manslaughter. leave it alone at that. don't use it as a race case. it's a wrong case to use as race. juan williams, msnbc, cnn -- >> i'm not using this as a race case. >> you are. >> i'm using it as a case where
6:21 pm
i as a dad -- you know, i don't care -- >> here we go again. >> i know that sean has children, if your child goes down to the store and comes back and some guy's following him, gets in a fight and shoots him. your kid, once the fight started, your kid was beating him up. it's the craziest thing i've ever heard. >> what case are you talking about? that's not the facts of the zimmerman case. >> it certainly is as far as i know. >> well, you want to make money on this, you are playing the race card. >> last question, juan. i feel bad for the martin family. why did he punch george zimmerman, straddle him and beat him. why did he do that. >> you heard the screams of terror. >> you don't know who's going to win. >> let me explain to you, if it matters. as you describe it, sean, let's just say it matters who's winning the fight. imagine you're a 17-year-old boy, you're suddenly being
6:22 pm
followed by some guy for no reason, the guy then -- >> you break his nose? >> you react -- is that a reason for someone to shoot and kill you? >> those aren't the facts. >> did you hear the screams of terror? it was screams of terror coming out of george zimmerman. >> if he had just pulls out the gun, i think the kid would have backed away, why he had to shoot and kill him, i don't know. >> you're speculating. >> you're speculating, juan. >> we have to go. mark this date down in history, it will never happen again, i agree -- >> first time and the last time. sean hannity and i agree. first and last, never again, never ever. >> never ever. all right, well, we'll see. you might get right again once in your life, if you do, i'll welcome you back. >> 15 years from now. still ahead, i'll turn things over to our live studio audience, legal expert, law enforcement expert, political expert. but first, mark fuhrman and rod wheeler are here to reresponded to the reports of the 100
6:23 pm
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welcome back to hannity, and
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in a moment, we're going to go back to our live studio audience. first, violence erupted on the streets of los angeles last flight when protesters began wreaking havoc, resulting in several arrests. this comes as more protests are planned for this weekend. al sharpton announced he will be leading a national justice for trayvon day in over 100 cities. joining me now with reaction to this and much more. former lapd detective mark fuhrman and former d.c. homicide detective rod wheeler. rod, it seems to me, there are people that just seem they just want to stir this pot up. is that what nbc host al sharpton is doing? >> i definitely don't want to say that, sean. with all due respect to al sharpton, i don't think he wants violence to erupt or anything like that, we know we have a responsibility to maintain the peace, but we also have a responsibility, whether it's in washington, d.c., or l.a. to
6:28 pm
make sure that people have their legal right to protest, and we do respect that, sean. >> i respect it, but, mark, it seems to me like it's going to be a dangerous scenario for the cities where this is going to occur. >> i think you're right, sean. and i think that there's -- it's not really a fine line to -- right to assemble and freedom of speech, and disrupting commerce, traffic, blocking entries into buildings, breaking and destroying property. assaulting people, assaulting officers, so when you cross that line, it's pretty obvious, and, you know, this -- this is completely drawn on racial lines now. for a case that was supposed to be not about race. investigated to see if there was any race involved in it, to have the martin family say there's no race, to have the prosecutors and defense say there's no race. people don't get the verdict that they wants, now it's all
6:29 pm
about race. so there's not going to be any talking to these people about this. whoever wants to take that side is going to. >> well, and where's the president. look what happened, the baltimore sun reporting that a number -- a group of black youths beat a hispanic man in patterson park sunday. what did they say? this is for trayvon. is this now -- is this what we're going to see now going on around the country? people didn't like the verdict? they don't like the verdict just? >> sean, i don't think so. i actually -- actually, i don't think so at all. this march this weekend, it's not necessarily about trayvon as it is about many of the issues facing the african-american community, and more specifically, african-american males. and i think it's important that we realize that. it's not necessarily -- nobody wants to go back and rehash the trial. zimmerman won that case, he
6:30 pm
deserves to be left alone. but we do as a nation, whether we're black or white or hispanic, we have an obligation to each other to see, do we have any underlying issues in this country? and together we can talk about it, and we can address it, sean. >> maybe you should tell that to eric holder? maybe you should tell that to president obama. ideal hasn't he spoken to the country about this, the way you just did. >> i agree, and hopefully president obama's watching right now, if he'd like for me to speak on behalf of him, i will. we have to come together as a nation, we have to communicate. rioting and attacking people, that's definitely out of the question, and i don't think the leaders in this country want that to happen, sean. >> mark? >> you know, sean, what's interesting is, now i'm caught in the position of agreeing with leo terrell, i don't think it's ever going to happen again, but -- >> you and me both. >> yeah, the interesting part is, i understand what leo
6:31 pm
terrell is saying, he believes and he understands the law, and he said this is a bad case. this is the boy who cried wolf. this is a bad case to stand up and use all your ammo on. if you're going to make a point, you need to have some evidence there so the point is valid and it goes somewhere. he knows this will go nowhere. >> guys, appreciate it. and when we come back, we're going to turn things over to our live studio audience, and, of course, we want to hear from you. you can follow the live show as always share your thoughts. we will continue, where is barack obama when we get back. if you've got it, you know how hard it can be to breathe and man, you know how that feels. copd includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment
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welcome back to our special studio audience edition on
6:36 pm
hannity. you have a number of youths who beat a hispanic man, this is for trayvon. that's what the witness heard. you wrote about two stories, one in memphis, one in mississippi. >> both very similar stories, the one in mississippi happened in a small town about 40 miles south of memphis. a white man was out jogging along a highway. a car pulls up, three black guys inside. they asked him for directions, the guy went over, they pulled him into the vehicle. they asked him if he knew trayvon martin. when he replied yes, they started to pummel him. he was dumped alongside of a road, taken to a hospital, where nonlife threatening injuries. i had a chance to talk to the police chief, i said, are you looking at nonhate crime charges here? he said, we're going to investigate this, because we don't know why this happened. >> really? >> yes. that was an exact quote. then there was another incident
6:37 pm
up in milwaukee, where a white man was out, going about his business, he was attacked and beaten. thank goodness a neighbor, an african-american man saw what was happening and came to the rescue, and pulled this guy out of the gang. you asked a question a few moments ago, sean. why is the president silent? i believe it's intentional. and i believe that the president's not trying to divide the nation. i think he's trying to tear it apart. i think that's exactly -- >> oh, come on. >> i believe that's what this administration is doing. >> hold on. how many agree with todd's statement? show of hands? how many agree with him? how many think could calm the tensions right now but is not? >> sean -- >> hang on, at the end of the day, this is all about politics. remember, never let a crisis go to wait. we have a tragedy that's being made into a crisis. why? in a little over a year, there's
6:38 pm
midterm elections coming. they need the black vote to come out like they did in 2012. >> why is this always -- >> hang on. >> let me ask you something, why are the civil rights leaders, why are the conversations about selective civil rights, it's only about race right now. let me finish. i know this is going to be hard for you. but what about women? women are also a protected class, what about that all woman jury? why aren't we -- why do we have the civil rights leaders walking up and down the streets in skirts supporting the women, saying the all woman jury should be selected. you. >> need to give me a chance to talk. >> all right. >> i need to say one thing. we have a president, he's not a black president, he's not a white president, he's the president of the united states. when is he going to step up and be a president and tell the people, calm down, we had a verdict, let's cool it. you know why? he's not a leader and he's not
6:39 pm
performing like a leader, where is he? >> how many think the 3rez should step up now? >> absolutely. anyone -- does anyone disagree with that? >> you disagree? go ahead, up in the back. >> should step in? >> there's an investigation, potentially going on, it's not appropriate. he commented over the weekend, i don't understand the presidential bashing, it's completely unnecessary. >> when he came out and said. >> hang on. one at a time. >> what he said initially, if i had a son, it would -- why would you ever introduce that type of information. it's not appropriate to politicize this issue. >> wasn't that wrong? >> no, because what he spoke is the truth. listen. you guys are making this political. it's not about that, the president is letting the attorney general do his job, if he got up and spoke and said something about this, then you guys would be saying, the president's too involved.
6:40 pm
>> hang on. hang on. let me go here to peter johnson who will calm -- >> i don't know if i can calm this group down, no. >> does that taint the jury pool. is it appropriate for a president to say that? >> i think he's trying to inject empathy. at this point we need to respect justice. i think americans, black, white, people of all stripes are saying, mr. president, speak in a way that says our rule of law means something, and also say to people who are upset about the verdict, yes, i understand you're upset about the verdict, but we need to respect the system. at the same time as you direct attorney general holder, who conducted an investigation 15 months ago, either make the indictment today or shut up. and that's really important. because we're playing race roulette in this country.
6:41 pm
and i have an obligation to speak. >> why would the president allow him to go before the naacp and say what he said today? >> well, it creates the inference that it's about base building in 2014. it creates the inference that it's about politics. it creates the inference that it's merely political. the problem is, people will be hurt, people will die, unfortunately if racial tensions continue in the summer of 2013. >> we will take a break, and we'll come back and we will continue our live audience edition of hannity. ale announce] you won't believe your eyes. with olay regenerist eye and lash duo. the serum instantly thickens and defines lashes. the cream smooths and softens the look of lines. ♪ so wow! another eye opener from olay. >> with hotwire's low prices, i can cross even more places off my travel wish list. this year alone, i hit new york and texas. see, hotwire checks the competition's rates every day so they can guarantee
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welcome back to this special live studio audience of hannity. >> i think the president and the civil rights association could play a constructive role here. if you believe perceptions of black criminality played a role in this case -- if you believe that's the case, let's talk about what's behind those perceptions, and what's behind those perceptions are hard statistics on black and crimes. blacks commit a hugely disproportionate number of drims in this country. that is where the black
6:46 pm
perceptions come from. if you want to change perceptions, young black men need to change their behavior. we go back to what about chicago. you were making a point in the break about some of these issues. go ahead. >> we were talking about the fact that if the department of justice is going to single this case out, they're going to get criticized heavily. every day in courtrooms across the country, you have crimes committed against black males. those aren't being singled out for racist reasons. in some of those cases, where we mentioned the black panthers standing in the precinct with a nightclub in their hand. the department of justice didn't even pursue it, they refused to pursue that case. they're going do get a lot of grief if they refuse to pursue that case where there was clear evidence of racial animus, and they take the case where there's been the opposite.
6:47 pm
it's been investigated by the fbi, and to try to turn it into something -- >> does that prove this point about selective, i guess, civil rights violations? that -- what does that say about eric holder? does he have a racial perspective? who agrees, does he have a racial perspective? >> we want to have an honest discussion about race. >> you said we're a nation of cowards. >> they don't want to have an honest discussion. >> it may benefit eric holder at this point in time, to concentrate on this, and not concentrate on issues he was facing before this happened. >> you're a criminal defense attorney, is part of the reason some people don't understand the law and how the law applies in a courtroom? i think a lot of people don't have an understanding of that system. >> i think that's true, and actually, when one of the jurors was interviewed, had indicated she had a hard time following the law in this case. i would like to add, and give perspective on this, from my point of view, the evidence was
6:48 pm
there, as far as i'm concerned for a manslaughter conviction. my problem was -- >> what was it? >> my problem was more how the prosecution presented the case. the biggest problem the prosecution had in this case, they let george zimmerman testify through video, which was self-serving statements. they should not have allowed any of that video. >> you didn't have to -- when this interview occurred, i said that was a great video for george zimmerman, he appeared likeable. in the courtroom, people inside the courtroom -- the prosecution used that video, why would you use a video as a prosecutor -- >> maybe -- they introduced the whole thing. >> the family deserved that, they did, absolutely. all they were trying to do is get inconsistencies between the statements. >> you want to know why they did that? this is my opinion.
6:49 pm
>> they did it because they had nothing else. agree or disagree? >> they had nothing -- the entire trial, there was no evidence, the jury did the right thing. we're not saying -- exactly, you can't -- he has a constitutional right. >> they had to introduce that, because they didn't have a case. >> right, and they were trying to find inconsistencies which they thought would lead the jury, but the jury rejected them. and under the rule of law -- >> i think the prosecution focused too much on trying to show what was -- like one person said inconsistencies, i don't think they did a great job on focusing on what they needed to prove. and i think there was some evidence of at least manslaughter, because -- >> it was overcharged. that's the problem here. >> it was overcharged. you don't put in a second degree murder for this type of case. they were trying to hammer home the evil intent, malice. what was -- >> that's not the case. >> but if you overcharge. >> i want you to -- you guys
6:50 pm
finish this. >> right, i think that the prosecution's focus messed up their case. as mercedes just said, when they focus on those elements, the evil, and all the elements that were for a murder -- >> the problem is, jury instructions, justifiable use of force, when you hear the terror in that scream, coupled by the eyewitness and the injuries, that is justifiable. >> that's one side. and the prosecution didn't even -- >> when we -- with casey anthony's statement, you overcharged the case, you discredit -- if you charge it correctly. >> judge allen disagrees. >> i don't think the overcharging was the problem. regardless of whether it was manslaughter or murder, they couldn't get over self-defense. manslaughter would have flown, because manslaughter in florida is basically an unjustifiable killing. the justification is if it's self-defense or not. the jury, if they disagreed with
6:51 pm
self-defense, he would have -- >> five are in agreement. go ahead, last word in this segment. >> retried this case or use this opportunity. jason, i agree with you, we do have to have an honest conversation about race in america. the president had a beer summit. we need to hear from him on this, but to say that black men commit more crimes in a disproportionate way, they don't commit them, they are convicted more. we have imprisoned more black men in america than at the height of apartheid, and we have to address this. >> why are we taking away the statistics. blacks and whites use -- >> i'm talking about -- >> jason. >> are you suggesting the prisons are full of innocent black men? >> our criminal justice system is biassed against black men in
6:52 pm
america? >> the black man runs the criminal justice system in the country. and he reports to another black man. how we can address this, the president has not enforced any of them. we can't have this conversation. >> we will take a break, we'll come back, more with the studio audience right here on hannity. [ phil ] when you have joint pain and stiffness... accomplishing even little things can become major victories. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. when i was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel for my pain and stiffness, and to help stop joint damage. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. you should not start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doct if you're prone to infections,
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welcome back to this special live studio audience edition of hannity. jason, you guys who were arguing, i want you to finish your thought. >> the criminal justice system we have today reflects black crime rates, it is not their cause. the numbers are staggering, and they're sad. blacks are something like 13% of the population, but responsible for half of all homicides. and these numbers, whether we're talking about a black man running the criminal justice system right now, eric holder, reporting to another one or
6:57 pm
whether we're talking about the black mayors and police chiefs. >> the issues in the zimmerman case, there have been a lot of crimes in this area committed by -- >> yes, again, black perceptions of black criminality, reflect black crime rates. if we want to change those perceptions, change the -- >> carry some weight in this case. >> that's a bigger issue here. and the bigger issue here is that we -- the bigger issue here is we have to understand -- >> initially -- race was never introduced, it was a 911 operator that asked zimmerman, what is he, white, black, hispanic? he responded, he's black. >> i think he looks black. that was in response to a question. again, race was not a factor here. this was a mixed neighborhood, let's not forget it. who was the person who has someone who's african-american testify on his behalf, zimmerman
6:58 pm
did, this neighbor never said anything about racial animus, we need to look at these things objectively and stop being emotional about it. >> do you mentor young black children if you are a racist? do you go to a prom? do you stand up for a black homeless man in your town? does that fit the profile? >> well, unfortunately, we have the black liberal establishment that doesn't want to look at the facts laid out with the case, there's a lot of division going on by playing the race card, it's a power play and it's a losing game, and it's a dangerous game to be playing, because we have a high unemployment rate in the black community. we're already witnessing flash mobs taking place that are not in the news, and really, they don't want to talk about the crimes that are taking place in areas like detroit and chicago because that will expose the failures of the black liberal establishment. those politicians and the communities. >> look, eric, instead of eric holder putting up volatile comments to the naacp talking
6:59 pm
about stand your ground he should be addressing these issues. these problems within the african-american community. not spending public resources on this investigation. >> i think the problem here is, that we need to separate the respect for the judicial system. and that's what the civil rights leaders are failing to do, with america and the youth of today. we have to respect the judicial process. the naacp specifically said, we demanded an investigation. we demanded a trial. guess what, you guys got it, they got it, and it was fair and right. >> do you know -- >> he wants this to go to the u.n. he wants the u.n. on this case. >> why? why? they got a fair trial. they got 211 jury questionnaires filled out. both sides agreed to the jury. they both put on over 58 witnesses collaboratively. the prosecution got two closings. >> you guys have been great, i give you a big hand.
7:00 pm
that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thanks for being with us. greta is next to go on the record, we will see you back here tomorrow night. thanks for being with us. tonight, sharp knives are out for the media. you. >> guys, he was right, a patient in an operating table where a mad scientist were committing experiments on him -- >> george zimmerman would have never been arrested if it weren't the outcry from black people, brown people, white people muslims and -- >> what does that tell you? it means that there wasn't a reason to arrest him. the only reason he was is because a bunch of people started belly aching and intimidated law enforcement. angela cory


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